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Start your process by carefully planning out wide spaces inside the terminal. Continue on with a thinking through the layout of the airport apron, make smart taxiway networks by connecting aircraft stands with runways. And build the rest of the airport in all other areas of management like check-in counters, security checks, boarding gates, etc.

Manage your funds carefully. You will need to buy a lot of merchandise and equipment for your airport. Everything from all sorts of interior services to vehicles and buildings, such as check-in officers, ramp agents, buses, aircraft stairs, ATC tower, jet bridges and much much more. Even the smallest convenience for your passengers, like seats, cost money. If you don't provide for them, their complains may decrease your rating because they could not buy a hot dog.

Key features[edit | edit source]

  • Airport simulation. “As much as it not harms fun”. Constructing airport from a clear field. Dozens of real services and procedures for aircraft and much more for passengers.
  • Economy model. Research different airline and passenger profiles. Schedule management and cooperation with airlines.
  • Real environment. Play with real objects with 3 dimensions. Long runway, big planes, heavy vehicles, day and night, etc. These are not just visuals or fancy 3D objects - they really affect gameplay.

Game support[edit | edit source]

This wiki does not provide technical support for Sky Haven. For support, please contact Real Welders.